ALC represents the language industry in the U.S. But there are other associations and organizations working to help advance, educate, and improve the industry. Each organization has separate goals, but we all share the same greater purpose.

Each organization can put their own mission and members first, while still collaborating with other groups. When ALC and other associations work together, we become a larger voice for the language service industry. We also learn from each other for even more growth. And through sharing knowledge and resources with others, each organization can accomplish more on behalf of their members and the industry.

ALC will continue to work with other groups as long as it adds value – both direct and indirect – to all of our members and to the industry.

European Language Industry Association

Founded in 2005, Elia is the leading trade association for the language service industry in Europe. Like ALC, Elia aims to provide its members with the resources and guidance that will help them succeed, learn, and grow. Elia also advocates on behalf of the interests of the industry in Europe. Our two associations have had a very close relationship for years, and ALC respects Elia and its work.

As part of this partnership, Elia and ALC members are able to take advantage of member rates of each other’s events. ALC also invites Elia members to participate in the ALC Industry Survey, a comprehensive in-depth survey of the language industry in the U.S, Europe, and the rest of the world. Elia and ALC are always exploring new ways that they can collaborate to promote the industry and help their members.


The Joint National Committee for Languages and National Council for Language and International Studies advocates for the interests of the language community by lobbying Congress and executive branch agencies with public awareness campaigns, and with its well-known annual Language Advocacy Day and Delegate Assembly.

ALC works closely with JNCL-NCLIS, which is an honorary member of ALC. JNCL-NCLIS advocates for the interests of the entire language community, including private LSCs. We provide it with feedback, data, and references to help with its objectives. We promote participation and support among our members and the industry at large. JNCL-NCLIS’s executive director, William P. Rivers, Ph.D., graciously brings vital information and updates to our members and stakeholders regularly. He also serves on some ALC committees and is in constant contact with our board of directors.

Some of JNCL-NCLIS’s current initiatives include:

  • Better federal contracting policies, including restricting the Department of Defense's use of reverse auctions, and lowest-price, technically acceptable (LPTA) procurement.
  • Improvements to the prevailing wage calculations made by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Clear federal guidance on the use of raw machine translation in professional services.
  • Increases—or at least no decreases—in language education or research funding to promote innovation, global business development, economic competitiveness, and national security.

Translated in Argentina

Translated in Argentina (TINA) is a non-profit trade association whose main objective is to promote Argentina as the go-to source for language and language-related services in Latin America.

As part of this partnership, TINA and ALC members are able to take advantage of registration discounts to each other’s events.


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