ALC Bridge

ALC Bridge

Collaboration between employers, educators and linguists, the ALC Bridge prepares language
students and professionals for the careers emerging in this evolving world.


Employers and Educators

By promoting shared learning between the professional and academic sides of the language services supply chain, ALC Bridge ensures the availability of future generations of qualified linguists.

Career Seekers

ALC Bridge helps language professionals and students alike to identify, explore and land career-oriented jobs in the language services field.



Learn more about how you can utilize a career in language with our ALC Bridge Webinar - Careers in Language



This webinar was hosted by Kathleen Diamond, ALC Bridge Chair and included the following dynamic speakers:


Jeff Beatty

I'm Head of Localization at Mozilla. I earned a BA Spanish Translation from Brigham Young University and a MSc Multilingual Computing and Localisation from the University of Limerick. I blend skills in business, language, and technology to help a worldwide team translate the Firefox browser into dozens of languages (many long-tail) to increase access to the internet.


 Qiong Li

I'm a Language Engineer from the Alex group at Amazon. I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a PhD. in Second Language Acquisition. My work allows me to take a linguistic perspective to improve Alexa's understanding of natural languages.




Amy Wade

I'm Director of Training and Testing at LanguageLine Solutions. I studied Spanish & Political Science at Chapman University and Translation and Interpretation at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. I oversee training and testing for interpreters who facilitate communication in a wide variety of topics for the more than 25 million Limited English Proficient people in the U.S. in over 240 languages.


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