2019 Industry Survey

Thank You to All Who Participated in the 2019 ALC Industry Survey!


With the many changes occurring in the language business today, it is more important than ever to understand how other organizations are performing in the current environment and how your organization compares.

The ALL NEW 2019 ALC Industry Survey provides a very comprehensive and detailed overview of business and a list of benchmarks in crucial areas such as pricing, company profitability, staff compensation and process best practices. ALC Here are some sample benchmarks in the 2019 Industry Survey:

  1. Sales team size and compensation relative to business size and growth rates
  2. KPIs for marketing and market channel satisfaction rates
  3. Website traffic ranges and conversion rates
  4. New lead and new client acquisition costs
  5. Sales and marketing technology
  6. Gross margins and business costs analysis for mid-sized providers
  7. This year’s challenges and legislative change impact overview

This year, ALC is partnering with Nimdzi Insights who offer an experienced team of specialist researchers, to produce the2019 Industry Survey and to provide a fresh perspective on the way the data can be interpreted and presented. With previous successful projects of the same type in the United Kingdom, France, Finland, Russia, Portugal and other countries, Nimdzi Insights is ready to engage and inform LSPs in the largest and the most important geographical market — the United States.

Under the pressures of emerging technology, a consolidating topline of market players, ever-increasing numbers of the competition and even from AI, business owners in the industry need quality information more than ever: information that is emphatically presented and clearly explained.

This is the area where Nimdzi Insights excels. The ALC gains a valuable specialist partner by working with us.

One of the Best Resources for Your Business

The ALC Industry Survey is the only cost-effective survey for the language service industry that has such a depth and abundance of detailed data about companies worldwide.

Since 2004, the survey has been providing key data to Language Service Company (LSC) owners, helping them better strategize and grow. This completely confidential survey is a key resource to the language community and provides unparalleled insight into profitability, KPI, marketing, personnel, technology, business challenges, and pricing.

It’s One of a Kind

You can find some similar data in a variety of places, but it is usually only a top level overview, or you can only get comprehensive data on just one or two topics. With ALC, you get that depth.

And, even if you can find such extensive data, it is limited to one small geographical region. Although ALC represents the U.S. market, respondents to this survey span the world. The survey has data from the US, but also from the rest of North America, South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

You can afford this survey! Almost no one else can provide this much data, but you will pay far more for it. The ALC Industry Survey is a bargain based on how much value you will get from it.

Reasons to Fill Out the Survey

  • Companies that fill out the survey get the final report and data for free or at a discounted rate.

  • Less then 30 minutes of your time to fill it out is a small investment for the huge return in value of the report.

  • The more data that the survey collects, the more accurate the results and the analysis.

  • It is completely confidential; an independent  firm manages the survey and all data, and no one at ALC (including members, the board, or staff) can access any specific data related to any company.

  • Data from this survey is critical to the efforts of standards organizations such as ASTM and of advocacy groups such as JNCL-NCLIS.

Want to fill out the survey? Send us a request to participate, and you’ll be included on the next one.

Reasons to Get the Report

  • Get more insights for better strategic planning.

  • Benchmark yourself against your competitors.

  • Learn about ongoing trends.

  • Discover new tools, technology, or other resources that competitors are using.

  • And we know that you are interested in pricing, but the ALC Survey can help you find your unique selling proposition to become more value driven.


For more information about ALC's Industry Survey, please email info@alcus.org.



The Association of Language Companies would like to thank charter member Randy Morgan for starting the ALC Industry Survey many years ago, and for working tirelessly to keep it afloat and grow it in those early years. We built upon his original vision, and there would be no survey if it were not for Randy.



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