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The stunning variety of job titles in the language industry

Tuesday, June 12, 2018  
Posted by: Dana Walker

Having recently delved into The Language Industry According to LinkedIn, we also took a


look at the different job titles used on the LinkedIn profiles of employees working in Language Service Providers (LSPs) globally. Without breaking a sweat and ignoring the translation buyers, we have identified over 600 unique titles…and counting! An impressive total for what is often referred to as a niche industry. Here we ask What does it all mean?

Project Management

While Transcreation and Localization indicate that a Project Manager is operating within the language industry (rather than in Software or Construction, for example), the Associate, Senior and Principal prefaces are indicative of the job level. Hyphens also seem to be en vogue on LinkedIn, and used mainly to denote the specific customer segment, as in the case of “Project Manager – Life Sciences”. We also see Language Manager or Translation Manager, although these seem to be more in use when a Project Manager is responsible for an inhouse linguistic team.

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