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How Scientists Are Cracking One of the World's Oldest Codes

Monday, January 30, 2017   (0 Comments)
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By Newser

Since the late 1800s, scientists have been stumped over small pieces of stone found buried in India and Pakistan, each carved with a line of symbols over a depiction of an animal—all evidence of the since-IDed Indus Valley Civilization, said to be the oldest Indian civilization known to exist. But although scientists have had nearly 150 years to decipher these tiny "seals," Mallory Locklear explains for the Verge how the markings that appear on the artifacts have yet to be figured out, and how complex statistical techniques and cognitive science are finally bringing researchers closer to cracking the code. It's been a linguistic-linked mystery muddled by the fact that decades' worth of digging has turned up little useful info into the civilization's origins, religious beliefs, or even day-to-day routines—all of which could lend insight into the carvings that appear on the seals.

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