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The Membership Task Force charge is to enhance the member experience, understanding that ALC’s greatest strength is the networking that takes place between business owners. Their work will focus on both recruitment and retention by having our most involved members facilitating networking opportunities throughout the year —over the phone, at CEO Roundtable events, at other industry conferences and through member-get-a-member campaigns throughout the year.

Industry Survey

The Industry Survey Task Force will work with the independent research firm to enhance ALC’s annual survey by producing better data while maintaining historical continuity. They will focus on fine-tuning the questions as well as streamlining the Survey so that members will find it easier to respond.

Conference & Unconference

The Conference and UnConference Task Forces are charged with establishing ALC’s Annual Conference as the must go to event for LSCs - and the UnConference as a participant driven, interactive, thought-provoking experience. They create conference programs that are unique and relevant to the industry as well as ones that allow for the networking and collaboration that attendees have come to expect.

Marketing/PR/Social Media

The Marketing/PR/Social Media Task Force will focus on raising ALC’s profile in the Language Industry, particularly with LSCs. They will work to increase the visibility of ALC activities by collaborating with the other task forces to promote their work. They’ll make sure that ALC’s social media vehicles contain unique content which will drive people to sign-up and actively participate/follow ALC.

Government Affairs/Regulatory Issues

The Government Affairs/Regulatory Issues Task Force represents the position of the language services industry.


The Standards Task Force represents the position of the Language Services Industry at the ASTM and CCHI, thereby increasing ALC’s visibility in this arena.


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